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The Best Of Enterprise Week 2018

Tuesday 24 April 2018 5.30pm - 9pm Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College Road, London, SW7 Showcase of winners and IBP reception with keynote

To see the talk between Professor David Gann CBE and Professor Markus Perkmann, please click here.

Our annual entrepreneurship event brings together the winners of all the start-up competitions from across the College in an IBP only exhibition, the Best of Enterprise week. Guests will have a chance to discuss cutting edge technology that developed from the latest outstanding research. During the reception, Professor Markus Perkmann will deliver a talk on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Imperial College College’s 17,000 students and 8,000 staff are expanding the frontiers of knowledge in science, medicine, engineering and business, and translating their discoveries into benefits for our society. In 2016-17 Imperial’s academic community generated 332 invention disclosures and filed 168 new patent applications. As of July 2017 it counted a total of 130 start ups.

The Entrepreneurship showcase is an IBP only event in collaboration with Imperial Enterprise Lab. Launched in October 2016, the Imperial Enterprise Lab is the hub for student innovation and entrepreneurship at the College. Enterprise Lab’s programmes, alongside its co-working space, are designed to help students develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and apply it to their own personal ventures and their professional lives. It aims to bring staff and students from all disciplines together with Imperial’s global community of alumni, friends, partners and businesses, to stimulate and support the development of the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

You will have the chance to meet a range of outstanding winners from this year’s Enterprise Week competitions, including those listed below. Find out more about Enterprise Lab’s programmes:

Venture Catalyst Challenge (VCC)
WE Innovate

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Professor David Gann CBEAcademic
Central Faculty, Office of the President
Vice President (Innovation)

Professor Gann CBE CEng FICE FCGI is Imperial College’s Vice President, leading Innovation. He is a member of the College’s Executive Board.

He is an academic, university leader, strategist and advocate, renowned for his work on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology management. His research spans strategy, management science and systems engineering. His distinctive strength is in building relationships proactively and internationally, to connect ideas, research and solutions with substantial funding between academia, business and government.

He plays a central role in developing the vision, strategy and innovation agenda for Imperial College’s 25-acre White City Campus and the development of new ventures such as Imperial College ThinkSpace, increasing and diversifying the College’s income.

In 2015 he led a review of Imperial’s Technology, Transfer, Translation and Collaboration activities, Pathways to Societal Impact.

Professor Gann was previously Deputy Principal, Imperial College Business School and is Professor of Innovation and Technology Management at Imperial College Business School and Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London. He has a PhD in Industrial Economics, is a Chartered Civil Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Art and a Fellow of the City & Guilds Institute.

He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2010 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to engineering. He is the recipient of the 2014 Tjalling C. Koopmans Asset Award, for extraordinary contributions to the economic sciences. 

Professor Markus PerkmannAcademic
Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Business School, Imperial College London

Professor Perkmann is head of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department and academic director of the Imperial Enterprise Lab. He is also the director of the Entrepreneurial Journey, our school’s experiential start-up programme across all on-site MBA programmes.

In his research, Markus focuses on science-based organizations and science-based entrepreneurship. He has a particular interest in the interface between the world of academic science and industry, and special hybrid organizations that can bridge both worlds. For instance, he studies how intermediary organizations, such as consortia, can help bring together basic science and the pharmaceutical industry to discover new drugs, and how university-industry centres can sucessfully operate between science and business.

Markus welcomes PhD applications in the areas of organization theory, science organization & business, and university-industry relations. Click here for more information on his research.

Markus has collaborated with organizations including GlaxoSmithKline, Syngenta, Shell, Rolls Royce and Imperial Innovations. He was previously head of innovation at start-up firm Greychip. Markus has a PhD in Sociology from Lancaster University, and joined Imperial in 2008.

Markus has published numerous articles in journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Research Policy, and MIT Sloan Management Review. He is Editor in Chief of Innovation: Organization & Management, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Management Studies and Organization Studies.

Ana Luisa-Neves and Andrea Rodriguez-Martinez
Venture Catalyst Challenge (VCC)

At Momoby® we have developed an innovative platform technology, which brings prenatal care to pregnant women living in isolated areas. Our device performs the four tests recommended by the WHO using a single drop of blood and providing in-situ results. Briefly, a puncture is made in the finger to collect a drop of blood that is split in four channels to quantify glycemia (by reaction with glucose oxidase) and HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B (by antigenic reaction).

Nathan Macabuag
Venture Catalyst Challenge (VCC)

We’ve redesigned prostheses from the ground up based on customer feedback. Our socket is made from similar materials to sportswear – designed to be durable and breathable. It is flexible where it can be but rigid where it must be – introducing adjustability. These prostheses offer superior comfort, better functionality and allow us to bring the whole prostheses cost down by a factor of 100X.

Liliane Auwerter and Alejandro Ortega
Venture Catalyst Challenge (VCC)

TAGLESS is a bio-inspired, easy to apply, protective coating against graffiti & tagging. When graffiti is sprayed onto the protected surface, it can be removed easily with light scrubbing. TAGLESS has an interesting feature: most of the spray paint rolls off the surface. TAGLESS is significantly cheaper than other graffiti removal techniques.

Rebecca Steele, Rhiannon Leyden-Preece, Ben Kirk, Matthew Thompson
WE Innovate

Using groundbreaking technology, Hermone provides an accurate and affordable home testing kit for women to track their hormones. The product empowers customers to manage their journey through perimenopause; allowing for early detection and therefore possible prevention of irreversible damage from osteoporosis, heart disease and mental health conditions.

Solar Bio-Battery
Dr Marin Sawa

Collaborative research has demonstrated the scalable fabrication of a paper-based BPV using a simple inkjet printer. Fully printable on plain paper, consisting of a printed layer of electron-producing cyanobacteria.

Dr Richard Ahlfeld and Dr Francesco Montomoli

UQuant is a spin-off from the Imperial College London Uncertainty Quantification Lab. Co-founded with Richard Ahlfeld, it develops hybrid approaches between data analytics, machine learning and physical engineering simulations (CAE).

VaryGap Wireless Power
Dr David Yates

A technology that is able to rapidly and wirelessly recharge everything from small, low power devices such as phones to large, high power devices such as electric vehicles.

Envoy Biosciences
Dr Richard Kelwick

An advanced platform for the large-scale isolation of extracellular vesicle (EV) therapeutics.  Developing standardised processes for the production and isolation of extracellular vesicle-based anti-cancer therapeutics.

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