Systems That Learn

AI collaboration, safety and dynamics: the future will be system-based. The 2018 Systems that Learn Conference in London,  jointly hosted by MIT Industrial Liaison Program, BT Group plc and Imperial Business Partners, will bring together academics, industry leaders and spin-offs to explore how data analytics can improve the way humans organize themselves and how machines can radically improve the way they support humans.

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Karl F. Koster (MIT) – MIT’s Innovation Ecosystem

Nick Jennings (Imperial College London) – Human-Artificial Intelligence Partnerships

Una-May O’Reilly (MIT)Computer Systems Arms Races

Colin Bannon (BT Global Services) – Creating Value for BT’s Customers with AI

Alex Pentland (MIT) The Human Strategy

Aldo Faisal (Imperial College London)The Atlas of Behaviour

Josh Bottomley (HSBC) – How AI can bring us closer to our customers

Eduard Vazquez (Cortexica) – AI Solutions for Digital Transformation

Maya Pindeus (Humanising Autonomy) – Natural interactions with autonomous systems

Henry Oakes (TRACK) – The clear way to manage your property money

Francesco Montomoli (UQuant) – Uncertainty Quantification Laboratory


Further presentations will be available shortly.