Shaping the graduates of the future

The IBP’s Quarter 1 Executive Dinner and Discussion was held on 29 January 2013.

Professor Debra Humphris presented an overview of curriculum innovation occuring in universities across the globe, as a stimulus to discussion for the assembled group. This was followed by a short introduction to Imperial’s new Horizons programme for undergraduates, which includes courses designed to broaden students’ education and to stimulate in them a new approach to their studies. On this occasion, members were asked to bring with them a senior HR colleague.

The evening was animated by a tour of Imperial’s carbon capture pilot plant, where guests met Chemical Engineering students in their second and fourth years and were treated to a demonstration not only of the pilot plant and control room’s capabilities, but also to those of the students who manned the facility during the event.

Over drinks, guests could also watch the first of a series of six short films of Imperial academics discussing their visions for the future. In this video, Dr Travis Bayer discusses the future of synthetic biology in Life: programmable machines and DNA apps. In March, these films will be shown to members to gather their thoughts on the subject material, giving IBP the opportunity to take part in the curation of 2033:Tech Foresight (5 July 2013).

IBP programme – Shaping the Graduates of the Future (pdf)