IBP Foresight & Enterprise day

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Advanced materials, manufacturing and design tools

LOCATION: Queen’s Tower Rooms, Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ


8.30 Registration

9.00 Welcome from Alice P. Gast, President, Imperial College London

9.10 Welcome from Peter Childs, Tech Foresight Chair

9.25 Tech Foresight : Mary Ryan on engineering the lifespan of future materials

Video: Mary speaks about holistic heat management at the World Economic Forum

What if you could engineer a material that lasts forever? In the next decade, advances in responsive, meta-stable and nanostructured materials will make longevity an increasingly attainable design goal. But long-lived materials are not always desirable on on economic, environmental or resource grounds. Rather than “long-lived-by-default”, is it time to start thinking instead in terms of precisely tunable material lifespans? And how can we make this a reality? Mary Ryan is Professor of Materials Science and Nanotechnology and the Shell / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair. By focusing on the small-scale processes that affect the properties and lifespan of materials, her work aims to both improve existing industrial processes and open up new applications. Read more

9.45 Tech Foresight : Billy Wu on what’s next for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has grabbed popular imagination, but how can we move from hype to impact? Billy will bring a timely critical perspective to discuss how and where techniques could add most value over the coming decade. Thinking beyond, he’ll explore how emerging multi-material and multi-dimensional techniques will redefine what is possible with additive fabrication, opening up entirely new opportunities for creative design. Billy Wu leads the Autonomous Systems and Advanced Manufacturing division as a Lecturer in the Dyson School of Design Engineering. His research focuses on how additive manufacturing can be applied to complex, whole-product scenarios, such as the fabrication of batteries and fuel cells. Read more

10.05 Tech Foresight : Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen on reimagining product engineering as a science

Can science give us the methods to optimize the way we use design techniques in order to maximize creativity and innovation? Saeema explores the challenges and potential of a rational approach to future product design. How can human and machine capabilities best be exploited? Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen is Chair in Design Engineering and Design Engineering in the Dyson School of Design Engineering. Her work focuses on developing scientific approaches to the creative and innovation processes behind product design and development. Read more

10.25 Coffee break & networking

10.55 Tech Foresight : Neil Mansfield on human experience 2036

11:20 Q&A – Chaired by Peter Childs

12:20 Enterprising Students elevators pitch

12:35 Lunch – Exhibition / Marketplace

13:30 Deep dive workshops: Materials and Design

14:30 Workshops wrap up

14:45 Welcome from Oscar Ces, Enterprising students chair

15:00 panel discussion – enterprising students & corporate interactions

Robin Wye – BP Group Technology, Technology Commercialisation Manager

Jamie Grant- Co-founder, MotionMetrics

Christopher Haley – Head of New Technology & Startup Research, Nesta

Benjamin Kaube – Co-founder, Newsflo

16:00 IBP awards and closing remarks from James Stirling, Provost, Imperial College London

16:30 Close – Evening reception & networking