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Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (ICAH) involved guests in an interactive workshop showcasing its best projects.

Professor Peter Childs welcomed David Webster, from IDEO, for a discussion on talent, design thinking and innovation. In collaboration with the Dyson School of Engineering

About David Webster:
Webster_David-217pxEngineer, tinkerer, designer of human experiences, inventor of tools to make our lives more pleasurable and meaningful. Over the course of 20 years, David Webster designed Yamaha motorcycles with GK in Tokyo, invented new foods with WhatIf in London, built new factories in Unilever Europe, led IDEO San Francisco, and mentored countless innovation teams. Now he’s driving the rebirth of IDEO Palo Alto.

Early on in his career, David came across a simple definition of what design is about: person + machine + soul + energy. That’s the formula he uses to seek the most substantial design challenges and to transform lives, businesses, markets and nations.

Recent favorite projects at IDEO Palo Alto include a pilates machine for Balanced Body, a light-and-motion sculpture for Joie de Vivre hotels, helping Ekso Bionics as they enable paralyzed people to stand up and walk, a needle-free vaccine system for Iomai, and a set of apps that allow kids to talk directly to Elmo!

Palo Alto is where IDEO began. The team is tackling challenges they couldn’t have imagined a decade ago and are more committed than ever to creating the future with the technologists and companies in the Silicon Valley. New additions to the team in Palo Alto include the designer of Iron Man’s helmet interface, a statistical biologist, the first nonagenarian employee and a brain surgeon.

IDEO embarks on an adventure together with clients, as partners. Together, the teams create smart, authentic, responsible, viable expressions of why they do what they do. This work lives at the intersection of physical and digital, and David is excited about exploring what it means to add biology to the mix.

Speaking Topics:
Consumer experience design, Design thinking, Health and Wellness

Published Works:
September 2007, “Return of the Easy Rider,”
February 2007, “Geared to Grow,” Hemispheres