A Global Innovation Hub: London

Talk by Nick Turner on “A global Innovation Hub: London”

An Imperial Business Partners event held on 21 April 2015

Chair: Professor David Gann, Vice President (Innovation and |Development), Imperial College London

Guest Speaker: Nick Turner, Co – chair of the London LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) – Digital Creative, Science & Technology Working Group

An exciting event that with exclusive insights on new strategic collaborations developing in London to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

The event also featured a showcase of technologies from Imperial Create Lab, selected from the Venture Catalyst Challenge 2015 and Breakthrough Innovation Award (supported by Google Solve for <x>, and Powered by Google [x])

FungiAlert: Early detection of pathogens which destroy crops
Gravity Sketch: A tool to design in 3D using Augmented Reality
Sweet Generator: Creating energy from waste water
Aqualose: Customisable bacterially derived ultrafiltration membranes initially targeting heavy metals
Super HS: A super hydrophobic solution (repels water) that prevents water damage to buildings
EndoDrone – detect gastrointestinal cancers by mapping the gut using endoscopic robotic drones
Eddy: Internet of things automation and security using only sound and machine learning
Feather Tech: Drone based oil exploration