IBP webinar: Decision making under uncertainty


Decision-making under uncertainty

Wednesday September 07 2016, 13:00 BST

14:00 CEST

“No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.”

Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke, 1880

The challenge of making good decisions in an uncertain world remains as relevant today as it was for military planners over a hundred years ago. The sheer range of opportunities for action, the complex interactions of factors that influence change, and the patchy availability of relevant information all stand as potential barriers to effective strategy.

These factors can be seen at work across organisational scales; from individual business units seeking competitive advantage right up to executive teams setting the course for an entire business. Knowing what it is that makes decisions hard is not always the same as being able to formulate an effective response. Particularly at a time of rapid technological change, the ideas and techniques that can help individuals, teams and organisations make better decisions are constantly evolving.

Responding to your requests, Imperial Business Partners is proud to announce the first of a new webinar series that asks: How can we make better decisions?

Drawing on multidisciplinary insight and expertise from the leading academic faculty of Imperial College London – as well as outside experts – we will explore the new ideas and cutting edge methods that are reshaping approaches to strategic decision-making. Join us for a chance to dig into conceptual issues around risk and uncertainty, to think about practical solutions that can be implemented today and for the opportunity to discuss and debate with peers and experts.

On September 7th, Dr Katharina Hauck, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics at Imperial College, will launch the series by exploring how the explosion in computer power can be harnessed to transform the way that economic models are built. Using examples from work with government, Katharina will show how automated tools that make it feasible to replace a single model with a million variants can help manage uncertainty and risk, in near real-time, and yet still remain accessible to decision-makers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Following her talk there will be an interactive Q&A session.

Meet Katharina Hauck

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