Imperial Crowdsolve

Dowload CrowdSolve FAQ

IBP is always keen to actively engage with our members to develop innovative collaboration initiatives and bring more value to its partners.

We are now delighted to involve our partners to help shape the development of this new initiative though their experiences and feedback.

Imperial CrowdSolve is a College-led innovative collaboration channel and develops as follows:

  1. External organisations submit problems via a central web portal
  2. The problems are made available to the Imperial research community and relevant expertise and interest is ‘crowdsourced’
  3. The CrowdSolve team then facilitates interaction between the ‘seeker’ and ‘solvers’.

This initiative is currently in its pilot stage and the deadline for problem submissions to this first phase is 21 March 2016.

Should you be interested, contact Thom Brain, or

See the attached FAQ with example problems, to help explain how the pilot will work, or otherwise visit the CrowdSolve website