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IBP Exclusive – VCC Finalist Early Access

The 23rd March 2017 will see the finals of the Venture Catalyst Challenge – a 6 week-long pre-accelerator for deep science start-ups – judged by Professor David Gann (VP (Innovation) Imperial), Ambarish Mitra (CEO Blippar), Reshma Sohoni (Partner & Co-Founder Seedcamp) and Warwick Hill (CEO-in-Residence and MD Microsoft Accelerator Microsoft).

The haul of over 300 applicants has been whittled down to just 20 teams and will be still reduced to just 7 before the final. Here we tease you with a first glimpse of their ideas:


  1. Accunea – We have developed a continuous, real-time monitoring system for kidney function based on serum creatinine levels
  1. B-Link – Using text mining on millions of textual documents to construct a knowledge network and conduct specialized network analysis on the knowledge network
  1. BLINK – Humanising Autonomy – BLINK is a communications device that redefines the relationship between pedestrians and self driving vehicles.
  1. Boetho – We have developed a machine learning based algorithm that, by predicting parking occupancies, can improve the overall parking experience.
  1. CheeseCake Energy Ltd – CheeseCake combines solar power with compressed air energy storage in a smart way to reduce the cost of providing clean electricity.
  1. Ember The solution is a HMD which allows users to apply digital overlays to the world, thereby enabling them to see and interact in ways never seen before.
  1. GRIPD – GRIPD is a virtual gym buddy: training support via 4-extremities tracking workout sensors specialised in automated data collection & smart analysis.
  1. Kodama LTD – Augmenting tangible play through next-gen gaming & interaction.
  1. Machinome – Modelling cancer heterogeneity continuously during treatment by machine learning methods, for personalised therapy anticipating the evolving cancer.
  1. MedBotics – We have conceived a revolutionary way to perform high quality cleaning in high aseptic environments
  1. Microsonix – A highly miniaturised ultrasound imaging system for monitoring the body either in capsule (swallowable) or wearable format.
  1. Moth – Moth is your sleep companion that helps you adapt to the changes in your life, through a negotiation between your real sleep cycle and your desired.
  1. Nanogap – Adhesion lithography is a low-cost, scalable nangap electrode fabrication tool we have developed utilising molecular self assembly and sticky tape.
  1. NIMO – A low-cost solution for Periodic Monitoring of Maternal & Fetal health during Pregnancy to increase the impact of drugs through timely intervention
  1. Panacea – Trocar with novel retraction mechanism for safer surgery.
  1. Opensense – A pollution monitor costing £1 that connects to your smartphone.
  1. Sonodot – Sonodot is an ultrasonic indoor positioning system offering high performance at low cost
  1. ThinAir – A biomembrane that uses recombinantly synthesised ice nucleating proteins to condense water onto a topology optimised surface.
  1. TOffee – Topology Optimisation for Fluid Engineering – Automated code that emulate evolutionary and growth mechanisms of nature, producing bio-inspired design for efficient mechanical components.
  2. Wenstep An immersive language-learning tool that integrates into users daily digital lives.