Nick is the founder and managing partner of London-based Stratforma Consulting. As an advisor, strategist and futures thinker, nick has over 20 years of experience offering counsel to senior leaders at multi-national corporations and governments, helping them make better decisions today for an uncertain tomorrow.

A product of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, Nick previously divided his career between strategy development roles in investment banking and management consulting. Nick served as co-president of Global business network/Partner of Michael Porter’s Monitor Group and as a Managing Director at both Nomura and Morgan Stanley. The initial part of Nick’s career was spent in the high-technology industry, with marketing and business development roles at the Xerox Corporation and launching Palo Alto start-up, Visioneer.

Nick is a board member of the Mayor of London’s Enterprise Panel (LEP), chartered to develop an integrated jobs and growth strategy for the city. In addition, he is co-Chair of the Digital Creative, Science and Technology Working Group and is a member of the Economic Development plan Working Group.