IBP: A programme which provides and manages exclusive expertise, inspirational networking, and shared insights.

The IBP programme sets the scene for a unique collaboration: where business leaders and policy-makers meet world-class researchers to exchange learning and insights.
As a member you will tackle shared strategic issues through thought-provoking dialogue and networking opportunities.

The ability to share our knowledge is one of the most powerful tools we have and it has led to some of the most profound scientific discoveries in human history.  As a member you will benefit from an annual programme of events as well as access to professional development and Imperial’s world-renowned research expertise to give you the chance of discovering the next leap forward for your industry.

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Research made accessible

  • Access to up to three days’ free consulting with Imperial Consultants
  • Facilitated access to research, technology intelligence, consulting, recruitment and facilities
  • Exclusive IBP briefings
  • IBP ‘Insights Conversations’ series
    (Small, informal group sessions with our emerging academic talent)

IBP Executive Insight Dinners (at least 4 per membership year)

  • Attended by industry, academic and policy thought leaders
  • Inform and stimulate board-level thinking
  • Discussions cover the impact of science, technology and innovation on business, policy and society

Monitor the latest lab news and technology developments

  • Annual VIP Entrepreneurship Showcase from Imperial Create Lab
  • E-newsletter
  • Tech bulletin from Imperial Innovations

Visionary talent

  • Opportunity to explore today’s technological developments and their effect on business in the future with senior academics
  • 10 delegate places at the annual IBP Summer conference, curated by Tech Foresight
  • Preferential rates and procurement support for tailored Foresight practice consultancy

Nurturing smart thinkers at Imperial and at Member companies

  • Preferential rates for executive education courses run by Imperial Business School
  • Access to our enterprising students network

Only members can have access to…

  • Reserved seats at Imperial College public lectures on request.
  • Preferential rates for access to the decision making suite in the Global Data Observatory (GDO)
  • 20% discount on room hire from Imperial Conferences & Events


A repository of inspiring insights from world class researchers, exclusive to IBP

- 29 May 2018 Future of Electric Vehicles and Motorsport

Technology has over the past few years impacted the automotive sector, with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and changes in the racing market, which has in turn enabled new spaces to race (city centers […]

- 22 Dec 2017 IBP Annual Report 2017-18

IBP Annual Report 2016-17

- 26 Jul 2017 Entrepreneurial alumnus designs award-winning cancer diagnosis app

An Imperial alumnus who has designed a decision support app to enable GPs to see the early signs of cancer has won a prestigious digital health award.

- 26 Jul 2017 Spotting cyber-attacks might have become easier, thanks to Imperial students

As Lloyd’s of London warn another cyber-attack could cost businesses $53bn, a team of students from Imperial College London have developed a new way of combatting such threats.

- 25 Jul 2017 Musicians have high prevalence of eating disorders, study finds

They may live for the limelight and the call of their muse, but musicians may also be prone to eating disorders, according to new research.

Brexit - 27 Jun 2017 The UK post-Brexit: a leader in climate change diplomacy?

A discussion paper from the Grantham Institute

- 23 Jun 2017 International Women in Engineering Day: the key talking points

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is an annual celebration of female engineers and their accomplishments, taking place on 23 June.

Maja Pantic - 23 Jun 2017 Calling all women: London’s tech sector needs you!

An Imperial computer engineering expert talks about the problems the UK’s tech sector faces in the future if it doesn’t address a gender imbalance.

Joseph Paradiso - 31 May 2017 Sensory prosthetics will become the norm, says MIT prof at Imperial event

Physicist Joseph Paradiso talked about the enhancement of human perception through sensor networks at Imperial’s 2017 Dennis Gabor lecture yesterday.

IMSE - 24 May 2017 First IMSE White Paper Published

The first paper in the Institute of Molecular Science & Engineering series – published in April 2017 – is entitled ‘Molecular science and engineering: a powerful transdisciplinary approach to solving grand challenges’, and can be download here.

- 24 May 2017 Low-carbon tech requires investment, but the payoff is a clean, strong economy

Curbing greenhouse gases can bring about real financial opportunities for industry, experts said at the launch of Imperial’s Responsible Investment Club.

- 05 May 2017 May Newsletter READ MORE