Offering Internships to Imperial Students

Why should your company consider hiring an Imperial College London student as an intern? As the UK’s only university focusing solely on STEM provision, our students have natural analytical and research abilities to help your business succeed.

Not only that, but Imperial’s global community made up of over 30% international students and the 340 student clubs and societies encourage students to hone their interpersonal skills, respect diversity and have a well-rounded nature. To get started, the Imperial Careers Service offers a range of services and support to help you establish and promote opportunities and engage with the student body.

The Placement & Internship Unit in the Careers Service engage with all employers, large and small, to offer advice and direction on how you can best work with Imperial students to benefit both them and your organisation. Additionally, the team liaises with our academic departments, and assists students one-to-one in searching and applying for placements and internships, providing direct insights into their views of the application processes they face.

Today more than ever, Imperial students across all year groups are interested in getting valuable experience in industry before they graduate. Some degrees provide the option to take on 6 or 12 month placements as part of a student’s course, but most commonly students at Imperial are seeking internships typically lasting 8-12 weeks over the summer; the vacation period starts at the beginning of July and ends the last week of September. A guide to offering placement and internship opportunities can be found here.

To advertise opportunities for free to over 15,000 students and recent alumni, the Careers Service provides an online vacancies portal, JobsLive. If you’ve already got an internship to advertise, you can register and post a job advert right away, but if you’re thinking about setting up an internship opportunity for the first time, here are three top tips:

1. Think about a project your intern can undertake that will contribute to your business and gives them a great experience

2. Put together a role description that is clear and both outlines the requirements and sells the benefits to the audience of student applicants

3. Start with an induction – set expectations and monitor progress so both parties get the most out of the internship


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