Investing in the Planet

Marrakech COP22 2016 poster

The Paris Agreement is in place. How do we implement it?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to meet the global climate change goals requires a step change in technology deployment for the technologies in use or in the late stages of development. The right financial mechanisms need to be in place to encourage investment in low carbon technologies and storage. Experience on the ground shows that getting the financial mechanisms right can be challenging. This session explains the issues and presents solutions for policy makers and investors alike.

We need an enabling environment of policy and sufficient financing. There’s a real need around the world to understand the right framework to get the kinds of capital flows that we need into these low carbon sectors. What are some practical ways to do all this?

The event will make sure to highlight that financing is essential for both mitigation and adaptation, and in the broader context of the sustainable development goals.

This COP22 Official side-event is jointly organised by Imperial College London, the Institution of Chemical Engineers and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Watch the event live-streamed here on 14th November at 10.30-13.00 GMT