Two Imperial College teams developing wearable technologies have successfully completed crowdfunding campaigns in the last week: Deus Ex Technology launched their product “Aria” to raise £106,000 whilst Team Turquoise launched their project “doppel” and raised £111,000. 2,500 people committed money in total to the two campaigns.

Aria is a technology to make smartwatches gesture controllable, with a smart strap for pebble watches or a clip for android and iWatches. They funded their campaign in a little over 6 days, reaching 160% of their target before the end of the month.

doppel is a new kind of “empathic wearable”, that allows you to control your own mood with a dial on your wrist. They had a last minute surge of £30k in the last 5 days to reach and overfund their campaign at 110%.

Deus Ex Technology participated in Imperial College’s Venture Catalyst Challenge in 2014 before flying to Shenzhen for the hardware specialist accelerator “HAX”. In contrast, doppel sought informal advice from Create Lab, fundiung product development through prizes and grants, showing that there are plenty of ways to achieve success in the wearable game.

Find more about Imperial Create Lab here.